about me

Hi I’m Sean.

I’m a Maker, Founder, Leader, Teacher & Learner

I’m smart and I get things done.

I ❤ the Open Web.

I build products and communities – usually at the same time.

I built my first website in 1996 and I still wake up thinking about what to build next.

I geek out on the web, accessibility, user experience, cooking and games.

I use vi to code, gas to cook and my powers for awesome.

I work with people who build products & communities to make the world more awesome.

I love connecting with people and helping people connect with each other. For me, nothing is better than when people can come together, share, and help each other be more awesome.



How I Work

We focus a great deal on What each of us can do when we present a resume or cv or our LinkedIn profile. I think we should spend more time on How each of us works. To articulate my How, I look to my Strengths, as identified with the Gallup Clifton Strengths Finder. The descriptions of these strengths come from the Gallup Strengths Center and LeadThroughStrengths.com


I am inspired by the future, the possible and what could be. I inspire others with my visions of the future. I do this by creating a vivid picture of tomorrow, sharing the possibilities of the future and articulating the possible impacts of that vision.


Faced with any given scenario, I can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues. I expect and accept mid-course corrections when I discover a better route along the way. I bring this strength to my team by working to remove roadblocks so we can take fast action down a new path.


I am introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions. I am best positioned for success when I have time to think deeply about both theoretical and practical implications. I excel at demonstrating wisdom & understanding and creating models for thinking. I am often perceived as conceptual, smart and deep.


I have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve. I love exploring many interests and being able to follow newly discovered paths. I’m motivated by learning as many things as possible, and keeping variety levels high. I’m always ready to be an early-adopter and dive into a new tool or process.


I make things happen by turning thoughts into action. I show people that dreams are merely wishes if we don’t get started. I inspire my team to take the first step and model the courage to dive in and get started. I am often seen as a catalytic spark of energy for the team. People will often follow my lead because I confidently get things going.