Sean Yo

Using My Powers For Awesome

Co-Editor @ Code Like A Girl. Sr. Product Manager @ D2L. Maker, Founder, Leader, Teacher, Learner. Views Are My Own

Hi, my name is Sean Yo. I help build websites and communites - usually at the same time. I built my first website in 1996 and I still wake up thinking about them. I live and work in the Waterloo Tech Region in Ontario, Canada.

The thing that gets me up in the morning ready to take on anything is the opportunity to help people come together, share and be more awesome together. I deeply care about connecting people with technology and each other. I'm very lucky to have to have been able to pursue this work during volunteer trips to Nepal and Indonesia.

I co-founded my first company in 1990. I am a partner at Resonant Studios Web Design. More recently, I co-founded Ignite Guelph, Waterloo-Wellington Webmakers, Hive Waterloo and Hackademy. In 2014, I was honoured to be named one of Guelph's Top 40 Under 40. In 2016 I became a co-editor of Code Like A Girl, a publication that celebrates and advocates for Women in Tech.

I'd love to work with you to make the world more awesome. Let's chat today!